Standing Committees

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for financial oversight of the organization.  The Finance Committee engages in budgeting, financial planning, financial reporting, and the maintenance of internal financial control systems. 
The  Chair of the Finance Committee is Towanda Luckett, Esq. The Co-Chair of the Finance Committee is Kay N. Harding, Esq.

Judicial Nominations Committee

The Judicial Nominations Committee interviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations with respect to applicants for judicial office statewide at every level of the judiciary.
The Chair of the Judicial Nominations Committee is Patricia Demaio, Esq. The Co-Chair of the Judicial Nominations Committee is LaZette Ringgold-Kirksey, Esq.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing and maintaining the membership of the Alliance.  The Membership Committee engages in activities to recruit new members and sponsors events to highlight the benefit of membership in the Alliance.
The Chair of the Membership Committee is LaShuan Bethea, Esq.

Special Committees

Events Committee

The Events Committee is primarily responsible for planning the Alliance’s annual program year activities, such as the Joint Barbecue, the New Admittees Reception, the Judicial Reception, the Holiday Tea, and the Scholarship Luncheon.
The Events Committee Chair is Michelle K. Wilson, Esq.

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee is responsible for furthering the Alliance’s goal of providing outstanding community service to the legal community and the community as a whole.
The Community Service Committee Chair is Valda Ricks, Esq.

History Committee

The History Committee is responsible for documenting the events and activities of the Alliance and for exploring the Alliance’s past to create a summary of the organization’s history and accomplishments. 
The History Committee Chair is Durriyyah Rose, Esq.

Young Lawyers Council

The Young Lawyers Council is open to those who have graduated from law school eight years ago or less. The Council hosts events targeted towards professional development of young lawyers. 
The Young Lawyers Council Chair is Saidah A. Grimes, Esq.

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